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Home > Refurbished Carriage Clocks
Home > Refurbished Carriage Clocks

From time to time we have factory refurbished carriage and mantel clocks for sale. These clocks have been purchased on the open market and then completely refurbished (stripped down to individual components, then re-polished and/or linished (brush finished) and re-lacquered to be sold as 'nearly' new).

Most of the clocks offered here are clocks previously manufactured in our factory in Reading and the solid brass cases are all English made.

Where we can, we have replaced any jewellers' names on dials with either our current 'David Peterson' dial or an original 'Weiss' dial.

Mechanical clocks are all fitted with superior quality Swiss, French (L'Epee) or English movements (Please see individual clock descriptions for movement source). All mechanical movements have been thoroughly serviced and all are fully guaranteed for one year from date of sale. Obviously, because of the excellent quality of these movements, we would expect many more years perfect time-keeping (subject to usual servicing required from time to time).

Quartz models are fitted with either a brand new UTS or Seiko quartz movement to give many years of excellent time-keeping.
Each clock is fully guaranteed for one year from date of sale and will, undoubtedly, give many more years of loyal service (subject to alkaline battery change once a year).

(These clocks are not available in our eBay outlet store).
Some clocks may have small marks or slight imperfections and this is recognised by the price offered.

Refurbished Mechanical ModelsRefurbished Mechanical Models
Refurbished David Peterson and Weiss 8-day mechanical solid brass carriage and mantel clocks
Refurbished Quartz ModelsRefurbished Quartz Models
Refurbished David Peterson and Weiss quartz solid brass carriage and mantel clocks